In one ear…

I was taking a shower this morning when Al yelled from the living room, “Daddy, your phone!”

“Answer it,” I yelled back, “it’s probably Mommy!” Leen was on her way to a conference somewhere in Shah Alam and, fully expecting to hit heavy traffic and probably get lost, promised to call me with updates.

“It IS Mommy!” Al yelled (there’s a lot of yelling in our family). So he answered the phone. By this time he was standing at the open bathroom door.

“Yes,” he said. “Uh-huh. Mmm-hmmm. Yes. Yes. Uh-huh. Okay. Okay, I love you too Mommy. Okay, bye.”

“So what did she say?” I asked, assuming she’d just given him an important message for me.

“She said ‘Blah blah blah’,” said Al.

“What? Come on buddy, really, what did she say?”

Al bit his lower lip, squinted his eyes, searched his memory.

“Uh….she said ‘Blah blah blah’.”

Tell me, how did my five-year-old suddenly become a teenager?